Zanuck, Darryl

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D. Zanuck movie starFfrancis]. (1902-1979). Film producer and writer. The legendary movie mogul who was instrumental in the development of talkies, he managed two famous studios and then continued presenting films as an independent producer. Zanuck was born in Wahoo, Nebraska, and began his career as a writer of adventures stories. After serving in World War I and making a living as a boxer, he started writing scripts for silent movies and found success with his scenarios for canine star Rin Tin Tin. By 1928

Earl Carroll Vanities. Stage musical series

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earl carroll old musicalBetween 1923 and 1940, Earl Carroll presented eleven editions of his revue in his efforts to rival the Ziegfeld Follies and George White’s Scandals. These shows were considered the most risque and comedy oriented of the various Broadway revue series and they had the reputation of being smutty and nothing more than tarted-up burlesques, yet some outstanding talent (mostly comics) first found recognition in the shows and the comedy was often first class. Jimmy Savo, Patsy Kelly, W. C. Fields, Joe Cook,

Dale, Jim

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young Jim Dale[born James Smith] (1935 ). Stage, television, and film performer. The multitalented actor singer dancer has found success in a number of fields, but is best known in America for his athletic, charismatic performances in musicals. Dale was born in Rothwell, England, and trained for a career in ballet, but by 1952 he was doing standup comedy, worked as a disc jockey, and even found some notoriety as a pop singer in Great Britain. Dale

Kane, Helen

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musical star H. Kane[born Helen Schroeder] (1904

1966) . Stage, film, and television performer.

A popular singer dancer across the country because of her many vaudeville appearances in the 1920s, she possessed a squeaky baby voice and a round, dimpled face that lit up a few Broadway and Hollywood musicals. Kane was born in the Bronx and as a teenager went into variety, working with the Marx Brothers for a while. She made a rousing Broadway debut on Broadway in A Night

Beatles, The

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old picture of beatlesFilm performers, musicians, and songwriters. The most influential rock group of the twentieth century, the British foursome and their songs made some significant film appearances. The quartet consisted of John Lennon (1940 1980), Ringo Starr (1940 ), Paul McCartney (1942 ), and George Harrison (1943 2001); although Lennon and McCartney were the primary songwriters, all four contributed to the scores of their live-action films, A Hard Day’s Night

(1963) and Help! (1965), and the animated Yellow Submarine

African American Musicals

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story of African American MusicalsMusical shows utilizing black performers go back to the earliest stage entertainments in America. Minstrel shows were originally composed and performed by African American singers and musicians and were extremely popular with all kinds of audiences, but during the nineteenth century, white artists started performing their version of the minstrel show and derogatory exaggerations that we associate with the term were developed. African American